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Lick Your Stamps and Let the Games Begin

Let the Writing Games Begin!

I just dashed back from the mail box at the end of my street, having deposited my second honest-to-God real letter. This is going to be fun, and I’ve been getting addresses from all over the place.

Perhaps I’ll up the ante and send out some small parcels as well. What’s more fun than a letter in the mail? A package in the mail!

And I’m getting to use those pretty, big and fancy stamps I always buy at the post office. Most of the time they go on bills, which is kind of sad for those eye-catching portraits in miniature. Now they’re going onto real correspondence. Talk about a win for my aesthetic as well as for the US mail service!

The recipients of my snail mail spree will get a chance to see some wonderful little pictures of either the Battle of Bull Run or the attack on Fort Sumter. You guessed it, I bought a US civil war commemorative pack and have 10 stamps left. By the way, I also saw the fort when I visited a friend in South Caroline many years ago. It wasn’t on fire then.


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