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He’s Not Making This Up!

I swear, you can only find this kind of stuff on the internet. We all know and love Japanese scrolls, right? Pastoral scenes, courtly lords walking on cherry-blossomed roads with their ladies in-hand, industrious workers behind iconic, paper walls. All that stuff, right?

Welcome to the He-Gassen scroll, the upender of good manners and  decorum. This is a food fight in a BIG way. In fact, it’s the mother of all food fights:

Okay, so what do you think they’re doing? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They’re, um…farting.

There’s a whole scroll of this, and it’s not a little funny. Good to know all that decorum can lets its hair down from time to time.  It gives me hope for civilization.

Bring on the beans!

And if any of you really want to explore this further (not with me in the house, please), here are the stinky source documents.

Japanese Fart Scrolls

Good Old Fashioned Farting Competition

View the entire fart scroll on Waseda University’s website


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8 thoughts on “He’s Not Making This Up!

  1. Oh my god! This is hilarious!!! I love it! I can hardly believe that such a thing really exists and is really real! Wow! 🙂

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