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I think the cartoon says it all for me!

Few things in my life have more succinctly summed up my personality than this cartoon.  Several friends can attest to the stress I had before getting a tattoo on my shoulder recently, should there or should there not be a comma in there?  This debate took longer than picking the tattoo itself and ended up including the guy who ran the tattoo place, all of his employees and everyone who had the misfortune of walking in while I was there.  At least I was entertaining.

This got me thinking.  Why do I care so much about grammar?  I mean, when I was on that business trip to Albuquerque did I really have to boycott a perfectly good restaurant because “unless there is a woman there named Margarita and she’s having a personal special, I cannot walk in” ???  Couldn’t I have just asked them to change their sign? (Truthfully…

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  1. That’s me too. English is not even my native language. Errors in spoken English I don’t mind as fact I shouldn’t – I am terrible myself. Possibly because non-native speakers of English think in their native language before mentally translating it into spoken English – the time lag leads to errors.
    But when I see a grammatical error in a formal written document I feel uncomfortable.
    And when I see SMS-ese (how r u?) in an email or worse, a formal document, I get hysteric to the point of needing therapy.

    1. I have trouble with stuff in my secondary language, too.

      Thankfully, Spanish is much more phonetic with few homophones and the like– but Spanish speakers seem to skip out on punctuation a lot, probably more with Central and South America. I get this long long sentence that never stops they can’t be bothered with commas nor periods !!sometimes they will use emphatic punctuation!! ??question marks are okay for them, yes?? and then it just rambles on and on with run-on sentences sometimes stops for emotes hehehe it’s hard to understand.

      Nothing like SMS-ese so bad but they do have their chatspeak, which is also phonetically based, incidentally. “Por que” becomes “por k”, and “k” substitutes wherever there is a “qu”.

  2. That is great! I will notice sometimes when reading an email if there are grammatical errors. Unfortunately I don’t always notice my own until after I post something.

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