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Sweet Home Electricity

My daily peruse of the internet turned up some very interesting videos, including this rather eclectic rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” I’ve never heard Tesla coils used as musical instruments, but hurrah to the creative person who decided to give that a try.

Since Alabama’s been in the news recently – Rick Santorum won the Republican primary in both Alabama as well as Mississippi – I thought I’d pump up the juice. Not that I’m a fan of Santorum or the Republicans, but it’s a nice coincidence nonetheless.


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8 thoughts on “Sweet Home Electricity

    1. It’s interesting but, for some reason, I have a difficult time listening to the whole thing through. The sound of electricity grates on my nerves, even though the video as a whole is really captivating.

    1. I can’t imagine walking around that stage. When I was a kid I stuck my finger in a Christmas light socket. ZOW! That was my one and only experiment with electricity.

      1. Oh, Jaklumen, you’re sending me all over the place! I’ll have to post some of the other Tesla coil videos I just found!

      2. Muhahahahaha! Yeah, there’s some good stuff out there!

        I sent the “Hall of the Mountain King” vid to my father-in-law. He’s a retired science teacher that loves devices like Tesla coils and the like, but I needed to find a musical example he would appreciate (he’s fairly conservative and has no taste for pop tunes).

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