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This Should Have Been The Soundtrack

Okay, one last post and them I’m done with funky music. And this one’s for you, fellow blogger Jaklumen and also you, Rossruns!

To begin, this is the instrument I thought they should have used for Star Wars. Ignore that man in the padded suit behind the curtain!

And, Rossruns, many thanks for reminding me that that was yet another version of Animusic’s Pipe Dreams, this time done on an actual computer. Cute – but the machine needs more rhythm practice!


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5 thoughts on “This Should Have Been The Soundtrack

  1. My father-in-law had this to say about the Singing Tesla Coil (Zeusaphone) vid:
    “I’ve seen this before, but enjoyed seeing and hearing it again. I think I’ll save my money. [the missus, name redacted] wouldn’t let me bring it in the house.”
    Understand, this is a guy who still has a Van DeGraaf generator and a Jacob’s ladder he built himself that he brings out at Halloween. 🙂

  2. Excellent! And here’s one that only requires some counter space. (Give it about 30 seconds before you start to judge it – it’s only after that that all of the drives start to kick in.)

      1. It’s my understanding that the floppy drive for the Commodore 64 produced music in much this way.

        Hadn’t seen this particular video but I’d seen other examples of music made with floppy drives. in other words: [this is cool]

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