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March 21 – National French Bread Day

Oh la la!

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National French Bread Day


National California Strawberry Day

Five Food Finds about French Bread

  • French national law dictates that ‘French’ bread should contain only combinations of flour, yeast, salt and water.
  • French bread is a simple low-fat white flour bread, which is baked into long slender loaves called baguettes.
  • Most baguettes are around 2-3’ in length, and 3-5” in thickness.
  • While a regular baguette is made with a direct addition of baker’s yeast, it is not unusual for artisan-style loaves to be made with a poolish, “biga” or other bread pre-ferments to increase flavor complexity and other characteristics.
  • Outside France, baguettes are also made with other doughs; for example, the Vietnamese bánh mì uses a high proportion of rice flour, while many North American bakeries make whole wheat, multigrain, and sourdough baguettes alongside French-style loaves.

Today’s Food History

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1925 Teaching the theory of evolution became…

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3 thoughts on “March 21 – National French Bread Day

  1. Crispy, crunchy loaves of heavenly goodness. Lovely with butter, creamed cheese with herbs, sliced meats and cheeses, served alongside spaghetti or topped with butter and garlic adn toased under the broiler. Mmmm…. So good. I think I just had a foodgasm. LOL

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