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Easter Ham and Matzoh

Easter Ham, originally uploaded by Dan Hacker Photography.

Burp! Lovely two days, yesterday around a Seder table and today back at my house surrounding a table of Easter goodness.

I usually raid a few authentic Polish delis in time for this holiday but this year never made it there. So, I splurged on some goodies at Whole Foods: various cheeses and crackers, marinated olives, prosciutto, Portuguese sweet bread and sesame-coated Italian bread. I got chocolate-caramel brownies for dessert. I’d bough a ham shank a few days earlier at our local supermarket.

On our way to my in-laws seder we stopped at a middle-eastern food store for a fabulous eggplant-based dip. While were were there I found a very nice looking beet salad for Easter.

The seder was lovely, as it always is. Good “kibitzing” following by singing and eating. Now who can argue with that?

Happy Easter and Passover to you all. I hope you return to your regular lives on Monday relaxed and refreshed!


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One thought on “Easter Ham and Matzoh

  1. I keep forgetting that not all Jews keep strict kashrut. (I take it your husband doesn’t have a problem eating that ham? I can’t tell.) I remember when a friend of mine was happily eating a ham and cheese sandwich… I just about died with disbelief. He’s originally from SLC, though, so we both have a healthy sense of humor about our differing religions.

    (He was still in SLC, in fact, when William Shatner told Leonard Nimoy “I think you’ve had a little too much LDS” in Star Trek IV. I love this guy.)

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