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Everybody’s A Critic!

Oh, this is hilarious! The old Jewish curmudgeon meets the Avant-Gard French cinema!

This satire is especially funny if you’re familiar with the history of Jewish humorists in the US during the 20th century. What, you’re not familiar with Jewish humorists of the US? Go watch a Marx Brothers movie – Oy Vey!


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4 thoughts on “Everybody’s A Critic!

  1. Personally, I am fond of Mel Brooks’ collaborations with Gene Wilder.

    I own a copy of Young Frankenstein and was watching Blazing Saddles during a root canal last fall (week or so before Thanksgiving). Did not get to finish the latter; I shall have to rectify this soon.

    Incidentally, This TV was running marathons of both Marx Bros. and Mae West movies about the time I had the root canal. I’m not quite sure I see the immediate connection between this and the Marx Bros., but… eh.

    1. Well, I hope the TV marathons helped you cope with the root canal. I’ve had a few myself and they’re not fun!

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