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The entitlement virus. Boy, have I seen this attitude before!

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                I’ve often complained about the people who stay at our hotel, and frequently it’s the local, low income guests that I mouth off about.  To be quite honest, they’re not the worst.  They just stay with us more often.  The people I can’t stand are the ones who think they’re entitled to things. They really get up my nose.

                I think entitlement is killing our culture.

                That may sound melodramatic, but I don’t think so.

                This last weekend we had a girl’s soccer tournament in our area.  Our hotel hosted teams from wealthy suburbs of Milwaukee and Indianapolis. It was like Chatswin threw up on our hotel.  Pampered girls; a bevvy of svelte blonde soccer moms; over-indulged children; it all was exacerbated in a lot of booze and sugar. In addition, it was graduation weekend for Notre Dame, so the…

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  1. I do wonder what the usual complaints were about the “local, low-income” guests. But I can imagine that *why* they were different than the spoilt, brusque sense of entitlement from the more affluent was…

    …probably a lot of “local, low-income” folks had done similar sort of work. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. It’s work like waiting tables and other various service jobs, where they probably met a few high-brows with their noses in the air. They aren’t going to shame or stiff a fellow working person like that.

    Even though I’m on disability, I’ll tell you, I’m telling service workers that I paid my dues and did my time in their shoes. When they apologize for their errors or someone else is rude… I offer my empathy. I’ve been there, even if I’m not there now.

    1. I can answer that. Mostly the lower income guests try take advantage of things (Like sneak in extra people to use the pool) and leave kids unattended at all hours of the day and night. Everything from leaving toddlers alone in an room, to having fist fights in the hall, to cramming 10 kids into a room overnight for a party, to demanding that we supply the milk for a late night bottle. Mostly when things disappear (pillows, blankets, microwaves) it’s the lower income guests. Sadly most of these things I’ve mentioned have happened multiple times.
      In my defense, I’ve been really working to change my judgmental attitude, because it’s not all of them do this. My complaints tend to be “Argh they’re driving me nuts” followed by “Oh I need to not let this be an excuse to be judgmental”. It’s not easy. I’m too good at judging.
      I feel the same as you about service jobs. That’s mostly what I’ve done in my life. I try and treat those who serve me the way I’d want to be served. If I’m going to complain then I’d better be willing to compliment when things are done well.
      Thanks for reminding me to be careful what I complain about.

      1. I don’t think you’re necessarily out of line– I’ve seen plenty of those sorts of examples, too. So mostly I just figure on a case by case basis.

        And you’re welcome. It reminds me of various times where co-workers and management have said, “If only they could step into our jobs for a day or two…” and so I’ve tried to be that sort of welcomed guest. 🙂

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