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Coming Up For Air

Just posting before I drop for a nap. My eyeballs are about to fall out of my head. I received a call about a week and a half ago, requesting help with my mother’s recovery from a fall. She’s been in a rehabilitation facility for about a week or so and I’ve been here about that long. My family lives in western New York, near Buffalo, NY. I live in the Boston, MA area about 500 miles away.

My mom’s elderly (86) and not in the greatest of health. She’s experienced a number of falls over the last few years, resulting in broken bones and other problems. My brother and sister are maxed out, both in terms of time and emotional energy. So, daughter-from-Boston has temporarily uprooted and is providing some much needed additional care and sibling relief on-site. Not to mention a little bit of company and support for my 91-year-old dad!

It’s taken me an entire week just to read through all of my emails and news feeds. Interruptions and mini-crises have been the order of the day. I’ve already spent two days out of the five or six I’ve been here in hospital emergency rooms. Thank God I brought my GPS with me. By the time I’m done I’ll probably know how to get to every hospital and elderly rehab center in town.

Good news: mom is coming home tomorrow morning. I’m learning how to assist with “activities of daily living,” including physical assistance walking, getting into and out of a car, going up and down stairs, getting to the bathroom, etc.

I’m very close to my mother and it pains me to see her this frail. But, for as long as I can, I’ll be available to help. When she’s ready to “go,” I’ll know in my heart I was there for her.

Love the purple hat, don’t you?


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8 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

      1. Hmm? Um, maybe “commisery loves company” would be more fitting. My knee-jerk inward response was, “How could you figure it ‘sounds good’?”

        No, really, we are pretty much agonizing over my mom’s parents fighting death kicking and screaming and us kids are wondering what will come next as our parents aren’t in the greatest of health either. And then… well, I’ve got my own health problems.

        It was hard enough when my father’s parents died. One of my sisters and I picked up slack on that one, too. Heh, oh yeah, Cimmy was part of it too. She basically cried recently about discussions regarding my maternal grandparents and said, “I don’t want to do this again… I already did it enough times before.” She saw her maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother with Alzheimer’s/dementia and now my maternal grandmother is going the same way. She’s also shed a lot of tears wishing she could do more for me.

        Didn’t want to burden you with that ugliness but I wanted to be clear how much we really are in this issue. I do appreciate your thanks.

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