3 thoughts on “Beautiful abandoned train stations

  1. Reminds me of those so-called “urban explorers”, who climb through tunnels and under fences to find various abandoned spaces. Some of them try their best to have them preserved after a fashion, even if the Powers That Be attempt to stop them.
    Places include the Twin Cities, MN underground, Midwest breweries, and some French museums.

    If I still have links I’ll try to find them again, and share.

    1. Wow – I’d love to see that! Thanks for looking. Let me know if you find any of them.

      1. This one I stumbled on just researching the old Hamm’s beer commercials:
        It’s a group called “Minneapolis Action Adventurers” and the photos are of an exploration to a closed and abandoned Hamm’s brewery in St. Paul. There are other documented trips on the website.

        The other references will take me a little longer to find. I seem to recall that National Geographic had a story on the New York underground and “the mole people”. The French group… hmm, at the moment I can’t quite remember where I read about them.

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