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Mom and Me

My mother’s been home for two days and the improvement is remarkable. I don’t know if she’ll ever get back to where she was “before” (at least who she was a few years ago), but her walking has improved and her disorientation and anxiety has calmed down. Nobody does well in a hospital or a nursing home, but my mother has an even harder time.

She still experiences pain in her back, the part that experienced the break related to the fall but hopefully that will continue to heal. I’ve been trying to get her to walk around a few times a day in her walker to build up her leg strength and confidence. She needs a therapeutic belt around her when she walks, that is a belt that a companion can grip from behind or in front to steady and support her. She is doing a lot better, though and I’m glad to see it!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying, since there are issues of long-term care for her. We’re trying to get her hooked into Medicaid, but that’s turning into a very long, complex and enervating process. In the meantime, slow but sure wins the race.


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3 thoughts on “Mom and Me

    1. Yes, indeed. She is getting better, thankfully. Maybe I’ll even get to go home soon!

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