3 thoughts on “The Watchers and The Watched

  1. Holy Crap! I knew there was a lot of that stuff going on, but not that much. I’m afraid what my collusion profile would look like. Sheesh. Maybe I should try it and report back? Hmmm..

    1. Yes, give it a try. I’d be very curious to see what it uncovers.

      So far, my main informants have been Facebook and my Yahoo email address. There are a few others, but most of the intrusions come from these two.

  2. Yep, not a new concept… and I am not a whit surprised.

    Also not surprised that you mention Facebook. I hope that just registers as an “oh yeah, of course.” Google should be up there too, although I trust my sources that say that Google+ is NOT trying to achieve the exact same things as the Zuckerbergs are with Facebook. Google has some other things in mind that are not perfectly crystal clear at the moment.

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