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Heat Waves

I’ve spent most of the day in my air-conditioned office. It’s not exactly my idea of a relaxing day, but it’s hot enough outside to make me very uncomfortable – trouble-breathing, light-headedness kind of trouble. Just a walk around the hotter parts of the house do that to me.

I used to handle heat quite well. I was mildly uncomfortable on days that decked every one else out flat. Now I’m the one who’s decked out and wondering if I need extra oxygen when I’m walking around.

The sleep problems aren’t helping, either. If the air conditioner is on in the bedroom I’m either too cold or too hot, depending on it’s thermostat. At some point I end up turning the damned thing off and putting a fan in the window. At 1:00 am the outside air temp is a bit more reasonable. Unfortunately, by 10:00 am it’s not.

Oh well. I’m not the only one struggling with heat these days. I could be in Kansas. One benefit of the weather has been the granting of a bit more time to catch up on the fun stuff. Last Wednesday I made it to the Arlington farmers market, after a dentist’s appointment in Cambridge. I was late, but still able to pick up enough for a veggie-heavy dinner: corn, lettuce, wax beans and bread. I threw together a salad, boiled up the corn and the beans and cut open the bread. Paired it with some of the New York State cheddars we’d purchased in the Finger Lakes. Yum!

Of course, being me, I made a music video out of it.


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