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This is Called A Microburst

And it happened in East Arlington yesterday, July 18. I live in Arlington Center and could swear we were being subjected to a hurricane. The weather service disagreed, but the effect was the same. Nothing like this happened over here, though. “Over here” means just down the street, though. Yow!

downed tree
Microburst. More like rip-roaring crazy.

For more unbelievable pics, go to:


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4 thoughts on “This is Called A Microburst

  1. Crazy! We get these in the summer here in AZ but I didn’t realize you got them there, too. I don’t remember them from my growing up years there.

    1. We didn’t get them before. The entire storm was something that would have been perfectly at home in the South, but not ever up here.

  2. Ironically enough, I’m usually in Arlington at exactly the time that the microburst happened — but wasn’t just this once. Glad no one got hurt.

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