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Worth every penny!

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Everybody loves free. Sometimes, the fact that something is free is more important than whether or not you want that thing, whether it’s a piece of clothing from a friend, a book from the basement laundry room, or a chair by the side of the road (ever wonder where all the clutter in your house comes from?)

We often say that you can get books (and movies, and magazines, and music…) for free at the library, and you can! But of course, it isn’t exactly free; your taxes help pay for it, and the library receives generous donations through the Friends of the Library every year. However, you’ll probably find that, even if you only use the library a couple times a year, it’s still a very, very good deal.

How good? Visit and use the Library Value Calculator to find out how much the library is worth to…

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  1. Re: music, movies– um… why yes, I am anal-retentive about optical discs! Too many library patrons put bad scratches in them and that always kills the experience.

    Then I think on what my children have done with library books. And then the fees, because Cimmy forgot to return something.

    Don’t get me wrong… I love the library, and we were all at a local branch just yesterday. A few of my family members (sister and BIL) are librarians. But I have to point out, free has got a flip side…

    1. True – and there are no fees if you return the books on time. My husband’s a real slacker when it comes to that.

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