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Staycation No. 1: Manchester-by-the-Sea

We won’t be making it to Maine this year. By the time I looked, all the cabins were booked solid for August. So, we’re going to indulge in a few day trips instead. There’s plenty to do in this area. We’re quite fortunate.

Mini-trip number one: a day in Cape Ann on the north shore of Boston. Beautiful coastline, trendy little towns and lots of pretty views. This year one town, Manchester-by-the-Sea, had a street fair for us to enjoy. We did, staying quite a bit longer than we usually do.

Festivities in Manchester
Art on the Sidewalk

The festival featured local artists and musicians, along with a library book sale. The hubby wanted to visit the interior of the library, because he know – he just knew – that it would be very interesting inside. He was right!

Of course, artwork and memorial buildings were only one part of the festivities. Manchester-by-the-Sea (isn’t that a cool name?) has a beautiful harbor overlooking the ocean. It’s dotted with pretty little boats from one end to the other.

Pretty Little Boats

Powerboats aren’t the only users of the water. As we wandered around the perimeter of a little park we came across these:


Nice way to spend an afternoon, eh? Just lazily paddling along, then pulling up to shore whenever it’s time for lunch or a breather. No, not bad at all!


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