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Faking Mars

Oh, this is painful. That beautiful picture I just posted, of Mars with Earth, Venus and Jupiter in the sky, is FAKE!

Waaaaahhhhhhhh! It was my high point of the day. And I’m not going to get into how today’s been.


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3 thoughts on “Faking Mars

  1. I’m just catching up, but no harm, no foul.

    My news feeds are lighting up about the Mars landing, but I haven’t seen too many pictures, myself. I did get an official source, too– NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (, thanks be to my FIL)

    Pardon my nonchalant response… I know this is all very, very exciting, and with sensational news (fluffy, serious, or muckraky) I figure some do pull some fakes.
    Or then again… Marty Stouffer’s “Wild America” comes to mind? (Oh, the humanity when it was discovered he posed footage)

    1. err, to clarify… I’m not bothered by an honest mistake with no ill will. Sorry your day has been crummy (if I understand you right). I’ve had a good share of those lately.

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