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Spammers, Unite! You’ll Be Easier to Spoof That Way

I came across this gem during my daily browse of the internet. The Omnipitent Poobah Speaks! is one of my tongue-in-cheek favorites. Nothing is sacred to this blog, and the potshots cover political right. left and center. It’s funny and outrageous. Very often, it’s just what I need after a cranky day.

Spammers Say the Darndest Things

I get a lot of spam on my blog The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks!  I normally favor the death penalty for spammers of any kind – email or blog comment style. I’m also open to capital punishment for paper spammers like banks (do I really need 5 credit card offers a day?) and I’d gladly off phone solicitors who ignore my entries on the National Do Not Call (But Go Ahead Anyway Because No One will Prosecute You) List.

Still, I always read the accursed stuff. It’s often quite entertaining in a spelling-challenged, EAL (English as an Alien Language) way. If the spammer has clearly read the post and the comment is good, I’ll even let it in – sans the commercial message of course. BTW, what makes you think I’d buy gold bullion from a language-challenged pygmy from deep in the Internet Jungle? Plus, my dick is big enough already thankyouverymuch.

So to prove I’m magnaomous and somewhat supporting of their misplaced entrepenurial spirit, here are some of the best from the past week:

Read the rest on The Omnipotent Poobah


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