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Breaking (Weather) News

My goodness, it’s actually cool outside. I haven’t felt human in longer than I can remember, unless I’m holed up in my air-conditioned office or conked out in my air-conditioned bedroom. I don’t mind the a/c mind you, but I was starting to go stir crazy.

This weather has actually made me physically sick this year (we won’t go into details – believe me, you don’t want to know). Everyone’s been affected, not just here but in Buffalo as well. That’s unusual, since Buffalo is right on the shores of Lake Erie and is normally much cooler both in summer as well as in winter. Not this year, though.

I spent yesterday reading, stopping only to do a load of laundry and whip up a batch of soup for dinner. My Indian food passion got the better of me and I got out the dahls (various types of lentils), asafoetida, cumin, corriander (seed and fresh chopped), turmeric and dried chilis and got to work. Not a lot of work for a very tasty meal served over white rice (alas, not basmati!). Got a batch of it left. I hope the weather holds, since it’ll be pretty hard to enjoy a hot meal otherwise.


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