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Taking A Breather

I’m in Buffalo, NY this week with my parents and siblings. My mom’s gone through yet another round of hospitalizations and is due to be released soon…we hope. At her age, if you name it, she’s got it: blood pressure spikes, frail bones and a tendency to faint and fall (see frail bones, above). Add mild dementia/elder depression to the mix and you’ve got a very vulnerable individual. Her medication is all over the map. Each hospital department and rehab/nursing facility has its own medical staff that can override previous medical and drug regimens. You’d think a person’s primary care physician would have the final say in this, but no. No wonder my mother’s confused!

My mom suffered a compression fracture of a vertebrae in her lower back in early May of this year.  She can’t really tolerate narcotics or other strong pain medication (see mild dementia, above) and they can’t correct the condition surgically (messed up back due to osteoporosis and scoliosis). So, she’s wearing a back brace – which helps, from what I can see.

I just want the woman home, with her family. I want her off of the drug-regimen-of-the-week club, so her brain can recover from the crap they’re pumping into it at different levels from week to week. Let her live the rest of her days in peace. Let her look at some flowers, see pictures of us as kids (she loves that), laugh and smile around the dinner table at home. Then, when she’s ready, let her go.


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