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Medical Marijuana


DOCTOR: According to the records I have, [mom] refuses to take her medication and refuses to eat. She wouldn’t talk to me at all this morning.

MY FAMILY (practically all at once): What?????? She’s not taking her medications? She’s not eating? Why hasn’t anyone told us? We had no idea!

DOCTOR: [Turns to mom]. If you want to get better you have to eat, take your medications and take in liquids. Why aren’t you taking your medications and eating?

MOM: Incoherent answer, looks very confused.

A HALF HOUR AFTER THE MEETING, BROTHER: By the way, I checked at the nurses station, to see if they had a log they kept of medication. Evidently, mom HAS been taking her medication. Her ROOMMATE is the one who isn’t. Mom was just grumpy this morning when they woke her up (mom’s been grumpy in the morning for as long as I’ve known her, and that’s a long time by now)

ME, READY TO KILL: And didn’t that nurse come in yesterday to say that mom had eaten her lunch? In fact, she told us – in excruciating detail – exactly what parts of the meal she ate and how much of each item on her plate. Yesterday she asked for ice cream and today said she wanted a banana, now that I think about it.

BROTHER: I think they gave the doctor the wrong chart.

After an afternoon meeting that went along those lines, I downed a little extra help myself. Not anything illegal, just potent and not available without a prescription. Good thing I made a stink at the meeting about the apparent lack of coordination and communication between hospitals, primary care physicians and departments. It makes no sense at all to me, and I made that concern quite clear.




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3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana

  1. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in bureaucracy for so long that I’m just not surprised. Bureaucracy — is bureaucracy, as far as I can tell, whether administration is medical, or not.

    Apologies if I seem snide. I do agree that sometimes a stink is necessary…. and sometimes the stink has to keep coming… ugh ugh I mean, really, I can totally give you personal examples. Foot being put down, through the floor, tag team sort of examples, i.e. not always by me. Always good to have other family members backing you up, yep yep.

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