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I’m really looking forward to NaNoWriMo and I guess a lot of other bloggers are too.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Oops, I did it again! Signed up for National Novel Writing Month, that is. How could I not? It’s addictive knowing I can get 50,000 words down in 30 days.

NaNoWrimo 2012 Participant badge

I’m an official ‘participant,’ and on or before December 1, I plan to be an official ‘winner’ for 2012.

If you have any inkling at all about wanting to get a story out of your head and onto the page, I recommend NaNoWriMo. Even if that dark voice in your head starts whispering things like:

  • You don’t have the time
  • You’re already over worked
  • You haven’t found time all year for your writing so what makes you think now will work?
  • Ha! You think you have a good enough idea for a novel?
  • There’s a long holiday weekend in November and you have to cook, clean, travel, visit, watch football, or be a couch potato.

What I love…

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