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Well, Look At What’s Been Blowing In!

We’re riding the Sandy storm here in Eastern Massachusetts. Parts of the state are flooded – or flooding – but so far we’re high and dry. We also still have power, which is a blessing not shared by all other residents of Arlington, where we live. I’ve been watching the storm all afternoon and listening to it once the sun went down. At  one point the wind was literally howling, several pitches above the normal. The rains are less severe here than in other parts of the east coast, but the wind is doing its best to knock down every tree in town.

The dripping sound in the video is that of water streaming down our roof and into our drain pipes. I poked my head out of the door long enough to take the video, then hustled back inside to stay dry and safe. It was crazy out there!

It took me a long time to get the second video straight. I took it from our kitchen and it seemed like the wind picked up and rattled the tree the minute I put down the camera, but behaved itself when the camera was ready and rolling. I finally tricked it out, by leaving the camera on, but not running, until it started back up again. This time I even got the police/fire siren in the background, too! I’m smarter than any old rain storm any day.

To everyone on the east coast and further inland, stay safe and dry. This storm front is going almost as deep as Ohio, which means my family in Buffalo (the other side of Lake Erie) is also in its path. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope the lights stay on


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