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More zany thoughts from my favorite crazy old ladies.

Margaret and Helen


Margaret, I ventured into new territory today. I tuned into Fox News. It was kind of like going to the zoo… not so scary once you learn the animals can’t get out of their cages.

Just like when I go to a regular zoo, I didn’t know the names of all the animals at Fox, but I quickly learned the ones with opposable thumbs and the ability to reason were token Democrats who had, at some point, worked in the Clinton administration. The ones who liked to rattle their cages and screech at the visitors were the angry Republican hacks who seemed to be, for the first time, discovering the wonders of math.

I was surprised to see so many animals that I thought were long ago extinct. There was angry, old Lou Dobbs plodding around mumbling something about voter fraud and immigrants and Mike Huckabee being all folksy…

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    1. Oh, don’t worry about that. Margaret and Helen’s blog is a favorite of mine and I like them for their sense of humor as much as their political inclinations. I’m much more likely to share their posts than many others. I think Helen is somewhere in her 80s by now.

    1. Yep. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, because at this point the Republican party does not really represent the interests of the majority of people in this country. News outlets like Fox and Rush Limbaugh just add to the bubble they’ve been living in. On the unfortunate side, democracy works better with thoughtful and intelligent opposition parties. I wasn’t surprised at the election, certainly made happy by it, but not surprised.

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