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Do These Guys Have A Spy in my House or Something?

National Novel Writing Month 2012
I’m In!

I just read the latest NaNoWriMo pep talk and had to pick up my jaw from the floor. How do these people know what I’m going through, and when?? For example, one pep talker said:

“Your characters have said ridiculously unexpected things, your settings have blossomed into life on the page, and you’ve had plot twists come screaming out of the ozone and smack you concussion-style on the forehead.”

Yep. I’ve probably got a few separate books in the one I’m currently plowing through. I’m ignoring plot holes that are just waiting for that proverbial truck to drive through. People I was going to keep throughout the book have long since been killed off and a bunch of new people have walked right onto the pages while I’ve frantically tried to find them names and personalities. I have whole new towns that have come from nowhere, with no history or description because I wasn’t expecting them to show up. But, here they are.

Well, since my story has taken a familiar route, I guess I’m doing something right. Keep cheering, folks! Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m flying out to Buffalo tomorrow. Will she have time to write during the holiday pandemonium? She very much hopes so!


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