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Good luck with that!

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There had been a puppy accident in the house, and from the opposite end of the house I heard Mr FD giving Augie Dog a life lesson : how to ask to have the door opened to go outside.

“Augie, look at me, listen Augie, we don’t poo in the house. Well, we do, but you don’t. What you do is walk over here, see Daddy is standing at the door and he wants to go out. Augie, Augie… if you want to go out you stand at the door and you ask to go out. You go, whine whine (imagine a fully grown man attempting a puppy whine. I know sad isn’t it, but someone had to marry him) and then someone will come and let you out. Then you can poo on the lawn. Grass is better than floor. Augie at the door, whine whine, Augie goes outside.”

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