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I’m slowly recovering from my cold. I spent all of yesterday in bed. I didn’t even get up to change out of my pajamas. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

While I was browsing, trying to ignore the differences in pressure between one ear and the other, a friend of mine posted something absolutely wonderful: a listing of the things that infuriate her the most. This is not your typical meme – she clearly spent some time crafting this. After this weekend, I definitely have some things to add to the pile!

From Lynette’s Creative Non-Fiction Writing Blog: “Life’s Little Infuriations

My very wise friend Lynette

People who say, “I’m a good person.”

The variations in sizing among women’s clothing manufacturers. Sometimes I wear a 6, or even a 4. Other times a 10. Impossible to order clothes via the Web.

People who keep talking, even start a new topic, after I say, “Well, goodbye, I have to go (or hang up) now.”

Those who only want to communicate via phone, never email, although I ask if we can do a little of both. On the phone I have to be on my toes, unreflective, ready to ask and answer. Not to mention that the caller and I have to organize our schedules so that we’re both available at the same time.

The impossibility of finding an address to write a letter or email to a company.

Bloggers whose posts I share, who never, under any circumstances share mine, although we write on related topics for similar audiences.

Having to buy big sealed plastic bags of food or bunches of produce for just my husband and me.

Excessive skincare product packaging.

Most recent check-in time for B&Bs: 4:00. Out the next day by 11:00 a.m. Charged for 24 hours, but getting only 19.

People who insist, they’ve “always wanted to write,” but never make an attempt.

Oh, and stale cupcakes sold to me by my neighborhood baker, after I asked if they were fresh, and how I could keep them fresh until my guests ate them 28 hours later.

Her reply: “Oh, yes. Don’t worry about that.”

When I noticed half a red velvet cupcake was left uneaten by a sugar-loving friend, I cracked off a piece. Hard. Dry.

When I told the baker about it, she blamed her refrigerator and offered neither a refund nor replacement. I used to buy pastries from her as an end-of-the-course treat for my creative writing students; but she’s lost my business.


Okay, so, here are a few of my own:

People who say, “do what you love and the money will follow.” If you love robbing banks, then this is probably true.

Getting a cold and having to flip in bed from one side to the other to avoid congestion in one nostril and then the other. This drives me absolutely nuts.

On the same subject, changes in ear pressure. One ear is fine, the other one is occluded. Damn, I hate that.


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