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Hot Stones and Smart Phones

What, No Apps?

I recently added myself to the number of people owning smartphones. I have to say, it’s an addictive toy. I originally bought another phone so that I could more easily send text messages to my sister and brother. What the hell, I thought, I’ll get a smartphone, too. I may not use it right away, but at least the device will be there until or if I need it.

Well, my resolve lasted about 3 days, after which I upgraded my plan (cha-ching!). I’m now able to type out texts to my sister, on a QWERTY keyboard that folds out. I can also download and install apps, which has got to be something like what a drug addict would feel. More! More! What’s that one? I want it! So far I haven’t fallen prey to games, but I’ve got every news reader and social media app they make.

On another note (or ringtone), I also decided to – finally – treat myself to a hot stone massage last week. It turned out to be quite different than what I was expecting. I thought I’d just lay there while warm stones were placed on my back, relaxing my muscles and helping me get mellow. What I got instead was as close to a deep tissue massage as I’m capable of withstanding. The stones (and they were really hot!) must have helped relax the muscles so the therapist could get in there. Let’s just say I’ve got some knots in my back and neck that go back a few years. Despite the working-over, I did leave the massage place feeling a whole lot better. Must have worked!


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