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My Kingdom For A Ford

Now this is really interesting – the skeleton of Richard III, King of England, was recently found buried beneath a modern-day parking lot in Leicester, England. Evidently this guy was reviled by later generations, who had a political interest in keeping things that way. Shakespeare made him famous beyond England‘s shores (“Now is the winter of our discontent,” I say to myself, looking out the window at furious blowing snow). He was killed in the Battle of Bosworth during the War of the Roses. I’m not up on my British history and had to go to Wikipedia just to get the above two references. It sounds pretty unpleasant, though. Civil wars rarely are that.

Richard III Skeleton
Hey, I Need Some Feet Here

I’m particularly struck by his spine. My mother suffers from scoliosis and the curvature here is pretty extreme. Richard III was said be a hunchback and this would lend credence to that story. It must have been hell riding around on a horse and entering into battle.

His Majesty was pretty banged up when they found him. The skull had been smashed in several places, including one blow from a Halberd (look it up. I did) that smashed a hole in the back of his head. Given the extent of the head injuries, I suppose it’s a blessing that he would have died immediately. Ouch.

Anyway, his Royal Highness has been disinterred and will be reburied at some point in the near future. Personally, I’d like to see a royal funeral in London for the guy, even if his bones remain in Leicester. He was a king. Give him his due.


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