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Never thought I’d see the day!

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Today’s guest post is brought to you by the letter X better known as the List of X. To read more about guest posts, see step 6.

I have been reading WordPress blogs for months now, and I have noticed that certain types of blog posts are more common than others. So I thought I’d aggregate these most common blog posts into just one short post for your enjoyment. Alternatively, you can use this post as your blogging guide which will save your valuable time by providing you with the pre-written template blog posts that you can simply copy and paste into your blog.

1) Hello, World!  This blog will be a platform for my thoughts about me, myself, my thoughts about myself, and occasionally about _____, _____, what I think about this, and Kim Kardashian. I will write as often as I can, since I usually think…

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  1. I read this one, too. Bring on the satire! I think the blogging world at large is taking itself way too seriously, or at least, I cannot be bothered to be that serious. (If I get “discovered” for my writing, I doubt it will be much by way of a weblog.) And while I’ll admit that 20th-century “objective” journalism was not a lasting trend, blogging seems to be a negative influence in a few ways: journalists have been caught sloppily pasting blog content without stripping the web elements properly, and I see a lot more typos in the newspapers (although not often magazines, thankfully) than I used to. I also occasionally see this more informal blogging style of writing in print.

    All the more reason to poke fun.

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