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No Suspect

The lock-down’s just been lifted, but authorities are suggesting extreme caution when going out. Transit is back online and the city thanked us for being patient and for doing what they asked. Businesses lost hundreds of thousands of dollars today, not to mention what the state’s been set back, given the huge police presence. But, no one’s complaining here. We’re still standing strong.

I hope this guy turns himself in. He’s been described as a really nice guy by his friends, and police suspect he may have fallen under the influence of his nutcase brother. If this guy has any conscience left, he’ll come in and let us get on with our lives. Either that, or his body will join the other people he was responsible for killing. One way or another. If they take him alive, I’d really like to know why he did what he did.


Writer, Walker, Entrepreneur, baby-boomer

2 thoughts on “No Suspect

  1. Last I heard he was critically ill in hospital. I hope he lives so that they can find out what motivated him to do such a terrible thing. I looked at his Twitter account but no clues there.

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