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One of Those Days

There are days when life is good, the sun is out, the day is warm and world feels in balance again. Despite my schedule, despite the horrible events of the past few weeks, despite it all. I’m feeling spring coming into my spirit.


Writer, Walker, Entrepreneur, baby-boomer

4 thoughts on “One of Those Days

    1. Oh, no thanks! I’m indulging in “one of these days.” They don’t come often.

      1. Pardon my snarkiness, then. I myself am struggling with the OTHER “one of these days”. Er, “one of THOSE days”, right? I’m hoping some R & R & R (rest, relief, and relaxation) comes soon!

      2. I hope you come out of it whole and in one piece on the other side. Enjoy some quiet time and, above all, hang in there!

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