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What Is a Worse Crime, Rape or Publishing Evidence of the Rape?

Makes you wonder



Respectfully Submitted by Lawrence E. Rafferty (rafflaw)-Guest Blogger

You may recall an article that I wrote back in January discussing the Steubenville, Ohio rape case.  It was a case where members of the town’s high school football team were charged with repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting an unconscious young girl and it also exposed the community support these alleged rapists had.  In that case a local unit of the Hacktivist group, Anonymous, published tweets and pictures of the alleged rapists.  One of the citations or links that I provided in the article has since been taken down and now the local Anonymous activist had his home raided by a FBI SWAT team and may be charged with hacking into the high school website and could face a potential 10 year sentence for the alleged crimes!  You may ask what are the sentences that the now convicted rapists are facing?  Since…

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One thought on “What Is a Worse Crime, Rape or Publishing Evidence of the Rape?

  1. It doesn’t make me wonder at all. Not at all. I haven’t experienced all the same, but I’ve trudged through enough crap that I understand how it goes. School politics. Local politics. The world isn’t fair… although I think if it was IMMEDIATELY fair the way some wanted it, they’d cry bitterly when the fairness bit them in the butt. True justice, I think, is not necessarily what some think it is.

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