13 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. Hey, I like vegemite! I remember the first time I had a vegemite sandwich– it was at the fire station when I was volunteering for City Hall. My supervisors/co-workers thought I was nuts, and I thought that was funny as hell. One of the employees there said the chief would be charmed, since he ate many vegemite sandwiches in New Zealand as a kid.

    Also, I like anchovies. I have had great fun grossing out my family ordering a pee-wee sized pizza with anchovies and oysters at a local pizzeria. Yum yum yum.


  2. I always loved watching the reaction of our children they first time they tasted vegemite – one of our lasting memories. Niece was the best as she did a kind of double take!

    1. I tried Vegemite once, from a zealous Australian friend who absolutely insisted that I’d love it. Well, not really. I think it’s an acquired taste, kind of like fresh cilantro.

      How do you usually eat it?

      1. Oh, okay. We started growing it this year and it’s really nice just to be able to snip off a bit whenever we need it 🙂 Reminds me I need to take a few update pictures, so I could put up a quick photo of it.

  3. I’ve found that Americans slather it on too thickly; as if it’s peanut butter – it’s really nasty if it’s thick. It’s lovely on a piece of toast with butter (it’s a comfort food for me). For a charity fund raiser I took a bottle into work and spread it (thinly) on crackers and then charged 50c to try it. I’d say that out of 100+ people trying it there were about 5 who said they “liked” it, another 5-10 said it was “ok” and the balance varied between “yuk” and “disgusting” LOL.

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