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Convention Harassment Policy Follow-Up

Worthy of your consideration, too. For all of life.


Interesting responses and questions out there to me announcing my new personal policy of requiring the cons who want me as a guest to have (and actually be willing to enforce) harassment policies. No harassment policy, no John Scalzi as a guest (nor am I likely to attend as a fan).

One very positive response, in my opinion: As of me writing this, nearly 500 other creators, fans and humans have co-signed onto this policy, including but not limited to writers, editors, publishers, con-runners and con staff (update, 7/6, 11:00pm: Now it’s well over 700). This is encouraging, especially because many of these folks signed on during a holiday here in the US. We’ll see where it goes from here. If you are one of the people who have co-signed: Thank you. I’m glad to have written something worth your participation.

Apropos to this policy, I was…

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One thought on “Convention Harassment Policy Follow-Up

  1. Oh, Margy. I can’t tell if you are well acquainted with this (that con goers can be bereft of civility, that is), or that you are shocked that it exists, or if it meets somewhere in the middle. If I remember right, you’ve reblogged from this guy before, on this subject.

    So… which is it? Also, I find “for all of life” too pat: how I understand conventions is within geek/nerd subculture, and the social awkwardness that has been lampooned for decades. I did like how he addressed those veiled aggressive murmurings, though. Quite a useful tactic, I think, for Internet putzes/schmucks hiding behind anonymity and under the “idiot on the PA” syndrome generally.

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