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Guest Post: Steph Shows Off Australia’s Underthings

hey mate, is this really true?


I’m finishing off my guest blogger siesta with the wonderfully funny Steph from “She Said What?“.  I was drawn to Steph as a blogger because she always seems to see the little things that slip right past others– and then she doesn’t look away, whether it’s funny, sad, or an outrageous version of either of those things.

So pop over to her place, fill up on insight, and rawr some love:


An Insiders Guide to Australia – Part 1.


I am writing this post as part of a series on Australianisms. I have way too much material for one post. This first post will focus on language, words and phrases. Subsequent posts will look at culture, geography and wildlife, and will be published over on my blog.
Aussie language, words and phrases.

As English-speaking nations we assume we speak the same language and that our cultures…

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Steph Shows Off Australia’s Underthings

  1. Oh Margy, this is easily a field day for linguists. A field day.

    Spelling is a usual bone of contention: I mean Noah Webster’s choice to use the primary Connecticut dialect of his day and how that clashes with what Oxford standardized (“colour/color”, “cheque/check”, are just a few examples).

    But what gets me is that many Brits and citizens of Commonwealth nations are very unaware of dialectical differences in the U.S.: “Americans don’t have accents”, and probably North America generally. They also aren’t too aware of how indigenous peoples of the Americas influenced American English, either.

    1. I feel the same way whenever I visit Europe. Everybody looks the same. I’m used to the way American culture is mixed up and there are different people from different countries.

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