3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Steph Shows Off Australia’s Underthings

  1. Oh Margy, this is easily a field day for linguists. A field day.

    Spelling is a usual bone of contention: I mean Noah Webster’s choice to use the primary Connecticut dialect of his day and how that clashes with what Oxford standardized (“colour/color”, “cheque/check”, are just a few examples).

    But what gets me is that many Brits and citizens of Commonwealth nations are very unaware of dialectical differences in the U.S.: “Americans don’t have accents”, and probably North America generally. They also aren’t too aware of how indigenous peoples of the Americas influenced American English, either.

    1. I feel the same way whenever I visit Europe. Everybody looks the same. I’m used to the way American culture is mixed up and there are different people from different countries.

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