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House Republicans Rigged Rules To Continue Shutdown

it just goes from bad to worse.



This story is picking up steam and moving from ‘in the weeds’ to out front so everyone can start talking about it.

As my readers know when it comes to the process of government I can be rather particular.  Bitchy might be the other word.  There is a need for a clear and transparent process to government for it to function with credibility.

So it caught my attention when over the past couple days a story about how the GOP made a rule change about how the federal government shutdown could end, (or be lengthened) started percolating.   At first I thought it was not accurate and just another in a series of attempts to sway partisans without the facts.  But as I read more and came to better understand the matter it is clear that the process of government has really been turned upside down.

And steering the topsy-turvy ride are…

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