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Coming Up For Air

I’m starting to regain my equilibrium after my mother’s wake and funeral. Everything was, thankfully, short. This is the first day after all that and I’ve pulled out the computer to start answering emails and otherwise getting back on track.

This will take a while. Being near my mother’s usual haunts is especially difficult, but I seem to be holding up.

Many of you have sent your condolences and I want to say thank you. It’s made a tremendous difference. I’m going to take things as they come. NaNoWriMo might have to wait another year, along with some other things I’ve been planning to do. The important thing is that I’m getting back to myself and am moving on from here.

My dad seems much more at peace than when my mother was alive. She was in very poor health and he carried the tremendous burden of her care. There were 24-hour aides and then a skilled nursing facility, but he still bore a tremendously heavy burden. I was worried about him, but he’s been far more resilient than I was expecting. My entire family has been, actually. I am grateful for that.


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7 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. Thoughts, prayers, and meditations are still with you. The grieving process indeed takes time; our previous residence was near the care center where my paternal grandmother passed away, and although it’d been about six years, driving past (which was near every day) was still hard.

    It took me time even though Cimmy continued to describe her presence and the love she had for us, and the kids (she met Cimmy before we got married and loved her right away). I knew she was right, that she was there, but I still needed time.

  2. Thinking of you cousin. It’s going to take some time to get used to the permanence of this new reality. I remember after my mom died, I thought I was handling things okay, but then the littlest thing would trigger a memory, or a feeling, and I’d either be unable to speak or just cry. I think our family is always with us, inside us, in some respect. Right now, though we are far apart in time and distance, you are part of my family…Aunt Helen, Uncle Daniel, cousins Margy, Betty and Tom…did you know your parents are my favorite aunt and uncle? Words seem inadequate. Sending you thoughts of comfort and peace through the airwaves.
    As ever,

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