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Getting Into The Spirit

It’s December. Time to get ready for Christmas, and the first such event without my mother. I’m not pushing myself too hard to ring in the holidays, but don’t want to sit it out, either. I’ll be heading back to Western New York with my husband and I’m looking forward to seeing my father, brother, sister and brother-in-law.

I’m trying to think of new ways to celebrate. Maybe have our Christmas Eve dinner at someone else’s house. Change the menu. Have fun with the family and spend time with them in ways I didn’t before. See if I can introduce new family inter-dynamics. Who knows?

There will be a holiday kick-off for the Town of Arlington on December 7, this coming Saturday. The lights are going up in the trees, local shops will be holding special sales and promotions and Christmas preparations will be in full swing. That’s when I’ll get the tree, which we always buy at the Boys and Girls Club. Maybe I’ll get new lights and other decorations for it. Like I said: mix it up a little. I think that will work!


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3 thoughts on “Getting Into The Spirit

  1. Heya Margy, good to see some posts from you again. How was your Thanksgiving?

    Sounds like a good plan you’ve got there. Cimmy’s brothers weren’t able to come for Thanksgiving, but we plan to meet up at Christmas. This works well because my folks are going to visit my baby sister in Utah.

    So other family members mixed it up for us already. Should be exciting; looking forward to reading how it goes for you.

      1. Likewise, m’dear– the sub-freezing weather we have here is not kind to my aches and pains, but I think the holiday cheer shared will help. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll need all the distraction I can get!

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