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A Year On

Newtown, Connecticut
Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Dougtone)
Sandy Hook Victims

A year ago, more or less, a disturbed young man shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He killed a number of 6- and 7-year-old children, along with some of the adults who either happened to get in his way, or who were trying to protect the children.

A year on and we have done nothing to stop this kind of thing from happening over and over. And that’s what it’s done – shooting after shooting after shooting. Scumbags at the NRA and other half-wits seem to have hijacked our political system and convinced a significant number of pretty stupid people that people were going to come for their guns.

They had to protect their 2nd Amendment rights, I guess. How about the rights of the children and adults were were gunned down for absolutely no reason at all? How about their rights? How about our rights to a safe and secure home and country? Put that up your pipe and smoke it, NRA. No – even better – put it up your ass.


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One thought on “A Year On

  1. I remember reading about this in the paper and the shock of realization that not a one of the kids who were shot were over the age of eight. It still makes me pause to think about it. Perversely, I feel grateful that I don’t live in Connecticut, but I still felt sorry for all those sets of parents who were going to have to bury their little boys and girls, something a Mommy and Daddy should never have to do. I remember asking jak why things like this have to happen and listening him grouse about it for a while without really hearing what he said, I felt so numb. I remember holding my children close to me and wondering if something like this was going to happen closer to home this time, maybe at my kids’ schools. I remember reading in the papers how they found out that the gun belonged to his mother. How she had a permit for it and kept it locked in a gun safe and everything. How he somehow got the gun out and shot her with it before he made his now infamous visit to Sandy Hook Elementary. I’m not a member of the NRA and never would be. However, I remember thinking that if this… person… could get his hands on a legally purchased weapon, how far would gun lobbyists have to go to get rid of guns before things like this stopped happening? Stop the purchase of guns entirely? Stop the manufacture of guns? Require that all foreign packages be searched for illegal weaponry being smuggled into the country? Hello? Big Brother?
    The only problem I have with this line of thinking is this. I’m a mother. If Joe Blow from Cocomo can just grab a gun any old place and walk into any school in the US and start shooting, how in God’s blessed name do we stop it from happening? How do I protect my kids?

    I feel so helpless.

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