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Bread Will Be Bread

Yes, it certainly takes its time, although I’m a bit surprised at this recipe. The dough basically rested for 10 minutes after I’d finished mixing it, then went right into the pans. Of course, this being a sponge bread method, it took about a half hour to 45 minutes at the very outset so maybe that’s where the first stage ended up taking its time.

Bread Dough RisingAnyway, I divided and shaped the dough into two loaves, which are patiently resting, covered, in a warm spot.

Bread in Bed
Bread in Bed

No peeking until they’re ready!


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One thought on “Bread Will Be Bread

  1. Hurray! I showed your posts to Cimmorene.

    I mentioned her skills because… oh wow, I was so impressed how she could knead by hand and get really great results. I grew up with lumpy bread with bubble crusts– Mom kneaded the dough too much.

    I think it’ll be easier to just have her make a breadmaking mix again (she made one for Mom for Christmas), so I can just use our breadmaker machine.

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