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Live-blogging Bread

Bread EquipmentToday I am baking. I haven’t baked a loaf of bread in years and now that 2013 is behind me I want to give myself more fulfilling activity. Last year was tough – actually, the last year and a half. A lot fell by the wayside, including aspects of my health. My doctor is telling me I need to de-stress and I’m taking her advice, with health and fitness activities and meditation. So, I’m hoping for a better, healthier and more prosperous 2014. Today, bread will be my guide.

I’m starting out small. No fancy whole grains or anything else, just a simple, white loaf that’ll come out of the oven this evening, just in time for dinner.

Sponge-Bob Bread Pants
Sponge-Bob Bread Pants


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    1. Yup. I got bored with the old one. WordPress has hundreds of themes you can switch in and out and every now and again I mix it up a little bit.

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