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Cold Days, With A Warming Trend

So, January was completely snowed in and I got the cold-from-Hell that lasted most of February. But, slowly and steadily, I’m getting back onto my feet. I’ve got new classes to teach and old ones to prepare for. My business group is having its first meeting in April. I’m hoping the weather will be a bit more cooperative by then.

I finally bit the bullet and started to hire cleaners for the house. It costs, yes, but I can already feel my stress levels going into decline. I grew up in a very clean house, which means that dirt and clutter make me crazy. I’m happily married to a chaotic packrat, which has been a challenge all these years. Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “Cold Days, With A Warming Trend

  1. Oh you poor dear, I do hope you thaw out and your health picks up. I think you were wish to hire cleaners – if it brings you contentment go for it. Every woman deserves a wife sometimes!

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. The weather does seem to be improving, albeit in fits and starts. And, yes, I’m so much happier with the cleaners!

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