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Two Steps Forward

Gah! Will this winter never end? Last week it was sunny and in the 60s, then it started to rain – a lot – and now it’s gone down to near or below freezing.

I decided to get a start on the garden during those warmer days and also decided to keep a record of what I’m doing (thank you Evernote). The plant nursery had its early spring assortment out and I came home with two types of mint, lettuce, spinach and chives. Not a bad haul. I knew it was supposed to rain the next day, so I decided to let them sit in their pots until it dried up.

My Perky Little Spring Garden

It rained. At one point, I could have sworn I saw Noah’s arc floating down Massachusetts Avenue. Then came the snow. I woke up yesterday and saw snow on the ground and roof tops. My plants! I threw on a pair of pants and brought them in from the cold. They did not look happy, so I put them in a sunny place in the kitchen.

Snow in yard
Damn This Winter Anyway

They recovered, fortunately and I brought them back outside today. Now it’s just a waiting game between old man winter and my spring garden.


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