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First Day in the Garden

It was warm yesterday, sunny and dry. Time to get my rake and shovel out! I had at it for an hour or two, teasing out some very tenacious weeds. I think some of them were baby Maple trees that had taken root last summer. Getting those f***ers out was a job. I’m still working at that, but was able to clear enough soil to put in lettuce, spinach and chives. I’ve got two pots of mint that I have to transplant and two type of beans to plant, but that was enough for one day.


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One thought on “First Day in the Garden

  1. I am hopelessly, woefully behind on all of my gardening because of horrible, terrible nerve pain. But we need time to prep more anyways. Our soil needs a lot of amending (powder-fine desert clay) and Cimmy wants to do more container gardening; she is especially intrigued with “self-watering” systems I’ve just looked into.

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