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All is Right With the World

I spent an hour in the garden today and am pleasantly exhausted afterwards. I repotted the mint (both spearmint and chocolate mint) and planted the green and yellow beans. That required an additional session of root-digging. I swear, one of the roots (has to be a tree) was three or four feet long!

Got'cha, sucker!
Got’cha, sucker!

And, yes, that’s how wide my vegetable garden is! It’s ever so urban. No worries, though. I have plenty of planters on hand. I used two of them for the mint and one for the leftover yellow bean seeds.

On its way to food
On its way to food

So, not bad for a day’s work!


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6 thoughts on “All is Right With the World

  1. Mint grows quite dandy in the region next to us (near Cimmy’s hometown), in the Yakima Valley– much of the nation’s commercial mint is actually grown there. No foolin’.

    (My mother is allergic to mint and hated car rides through that area.)

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