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Jim, The Garden Man

Here comes another blogging assignment. Yesterday I was asked to comment on at least four blogs that I had never commented on before. I’m kinda’ yappy online, so I had to sit back and do a little hunting.

I came across a charming garden blog, In Jim’s Garden. There were photos, of course, but interesting commentary as well. And not every post was of the garden. The latest post followed a cardinal as it sang a mating song. The blogger regretted that he didn’t have audio to follow it, but might someday.

I enjoy reading blogs about personal space, not the artsy kind, but the ones that celebrate the everyday: finding bright, red cardinals and savoring the springtime bluebells that grow in abundance. I’m living too far north to have bluebells in my fields (I think), so I get an education in flora at the same time I’m enjoying this walk through the meadows.

Singing in the Indiana Trees

I’m looking forward to seeing how things change over the year. You can come along for the ride, too, at:


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