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Death by Chili Pepper

I’m trying to knock out a few posts while I have the energy and before my desire to run downstairs and finish my book finally overcomes me. I’ve been meaning to spend some time with Tigger’s Veggie Challenge and I think I may have found a fun post for this one.

I really like Indian food but my tastes, all with all westerners probably, are pretty calmed down compared to the real thing. I also love to watch cooking videos and came across a chef who I can’t stop watching. He’s a really nice, respectful guy and at the same time brimming over with enthusiasm about the dishes he demonstrates. He calls himself the VahChef (prounounced “Wah Chef”) and he cooks stuff from throughout India. Yes, I know there are a lot of different cuisines and there’s really no such thing as “Indian” food, just like there’s really no such thing as “curry.”

The VahChef invites people to upload their own cooking videos, too, which is rather cool. He also prepares some western dishes, but doesn’t seems as excited about them as the “Indian” stuff. My favorite part, though? This dude is NOT afraid of hot peppers. It’s hysterical: “first you add some chili, then you add some chili powder and then you add more chili if the dish is not tasty enough.”

Yow! It sounds great and deadly. I might try modifying his recipes so that I can actually make them.

On another note, I’ve been following some really ugly issues regarding women and women’s right, not only in India but in Nigeria, too. I know women in both countries have gone into the streets to protest these atrocities and I stand with them. I want those kids in Nigeria back and I want women in all parts of India to be able to walk the street unmolested.


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10 thoughts on “Death by Chili Pepper

  1. but my tastes, all with all westerners probably, are pretty calmed down compared to the real thing

    Speak for yourself. The chili COMES from the West, well, at least the Americas. Along with potatoes (including the sweet potato) and maize, chiles are indigenous to Central and South America. Chiles in particular, I would say, changed word cuisine forever, and the Old World owes a debt to the New World for it. This Westerner says, “Bring it on.” I can handle the burn coming in, and coming out. I think the chile should be part of the pride of the Americas.

    1. Oh, yes, absolutely! But I still think other cultures develop a taste for it more than others.

      1. I’ve had a lot of contact with Southwesterners (Texans, tejanos, Mexicans) who have relocated here. Yee-haw, que picante!

      2. Boring? Nah, I wouldn’t say that… your description of your heritage cuisine still makes me hungry. I must have a steel gullet or something.

  2. Oh, and what was the atrocity you heard of? No not that we don’t have any..heaven knows we are this close to ir-redemption. I just don’t know what specifically happened recently that caught your attention….

    1. Not too long ago there were regular stories in the US press about Indian women getting attacked and gang raped. There was also a lot of coverage of women demonstrating to their elected officials against it.

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