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A Room – A House – of My Own

The hubby’s been away at fiddle contests for the last few weekends. I really miss him, even though he’s around and in my hair every weekday and night. Funny how that happens. I want to spend a weekend doing something fun with him. Now that it’s the fall (yes, it’s actually cool), I’m thinking harvest festivals, walks among changing leaves and apple picking.

Arlington Town Day was this last weekend, starting with some very impressive fireworks the night before. There’s a weird tradition around here. On the night before Town Day, high school kids douse themselves with shaving cream. The stuff gets everywhere. Kids sprayed white from head to toe shamble along like zombies, shedding the shaving cream as they go. It’s pretty harmless, although you can definitely smell it. No one seems to mind. The parents probably hose them down in the driveway before letting them in the house.

We live just down the street from the fireworks, which are launched from Spy Pond. It’s literally a two-minute walk to get to the pond and see (and hear) them loud and clear.

Pretty impressive.

I think I’ll do some walking and thinking today. The two frequently go together with me.


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2 thoughts on “A Room – A House – of My Own

  1. Sounds like we were on a similar wavelength this weekend–what a gorgeous day to get outside! And JOn’s away in VT at a caving convention this weekend. Quiet around here too!

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